Automated address system (AAS)

Automated address system (AAS) – a system intended to notify institution (company) employees by phone with a voice message to any phone type (stationary, long-distance, cell phone, etc.).

Intended use and application

  • AAS LAS may perform the following tasks:
  • Prompt automatic voice notification of employees
  • Immediate response to emergency
  • Notification of selected groups with ability to manage their response
  • Delivery of advertising and information voice messages

Application fields

  • Special dispatch desks: Fire Department, Police Department, Ambulance
  • Emergency Ministry departments and services
  • MoD departments and agencies
  • Departments of internal affairs
  • Emergency and dispatching services
  • Security agencies and board security departments
  • Media and advertising companies

AASs are used in more than 500 towns of Belarus and Russia. Over 3000 AASs were implemented within 20 years.

Licenses and certificates

Automated address systems AAS are certified by EMERCOM and Ministries of Communications and Information Technologies of Belarus and, respectively, Russia.


  • The alarm may be triggered through a software interface of user’s control PC, remote PC, remote control board or municipal centralized address system
  • The system intercepts phone channels for duration of a message only
  • Notification procedure follows preset scenarios including lists of persons to be notified and a pre-recorded message. Non-preset message may be created real-time. The message to be delivered is recorded with a microphone
  • Message receipt may be confirmed with a personal password typed on phone keypad in Tone mode. Voice response of a person may be recorded
  • During the notification procedure the display shows current process status per each subscriber
  • Notification interface is highly visualized and allows easy management of subscribers list with current notification status per each
  • Upon notification procedure one may review results, print a notification record stating each subscriber’s name, phone number, notification time and result. All notification results shall be stored into record database. A supervisor on duty may re-notify subscribers not initially notified, if any
  • System datalink and hardware testing mode is provided

Specific features

  • Company’s (institution’s) internal AAS may be triggered by city or regional address system
  • High notification intensity (100 subscribers in less than 7 minutes via 8 telephone lines) is ensured by optimized subscriber selection algorithm considering subscriber’s priority and number of attempts
  • Maximum reliability of notification results (unlike voice message delivery systems), correct notification procedure for subscribers with automatic number identifiers and answering machines
  • Software function of SMS-notification
  • Automatic creation of customized messages including data selection from various spreadsheets (debtor lists, etc.)