About Company

Sensor – M Limited Liability Company was established in 1994.

Our company is one of leading manufacturers of address systems, operational dispatch management systems, voice and process data recorders.

For 21 years in the market SENSOR-M has proven itself as a reliable partner in building complex security systems and centralized address systems on various levels.

SENSOR-M, LLC offers full range of services:

on designing, commissioning and technical support of address systems and operational dispatch management systems of any level of complexity.


  • Dynamic development of our company
  • Highly experienced and qualified staff
  • Comprehensive approach to task management
  • Wide range of solutions
  • Making use of modern processes and machines
  • Proven project implementation system
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • Quality control at each production stage


  1. ISO 9001 quality management system has been introduced in our company.
  2. Our products have successfully passed state testing in Belarus, Russia and other countries and are approved by the EMERCOM of Belarus, Russia for furnishing address systems.
  3. The group of companies has created and put into operation VHF-FM radio interception system in Belarus, TV-broadcast interception system in Grodno Region, region-wide address system in Grodno, city-wide address system in Minsk, public voice annunciators in towns of Grodno Region; has supplied EMERCOMs and Civil Defense with address systems within entire Belarus and Russia. Together with Russian collaborators we implemented an address system at chemical weapon destruction facility in Orichev District of Kirov Region, Russia.
  4. Belarusian regional address systems in Grodno, Gomel and Minsk Regions, Minsk city, a number of settlements in Gomel Region have been successfully implemented, are uninterruptedly maintained and ungraded.
  5. Our experts have designed and installed address systems at over 15 potentially hazardous economic sites of various levels of complexity in Belarus. In Russia they were: nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power plants, gate systems and hydroelectric facilities, oil refineries, extractive facilities, chemical companies and railways. Besides, we supplied major private Call Centres and operation dispatch desks of rescue, utility, police and ambulance services. Many of systems implemented in 1990s are still in service and perform well.
  6. In 2010 AAS HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE COMPLEX BY SENSOR-M, LLC successfully passed state testing.
  8. In 2012 the CEO of SENSOR RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION, CJSC (a member of Group of Companies) was awarded by EMERCOM of Russia with a medal “For unity in rescue” for honorable service in civil defense and emergency prevention.
  9. Following the VI International Show “Complex Security - 2013” EMERCOM of Russia awarded SENSOR team with a diploma for development of complex public emergency address system software and hardware solution integrating monitoring, alert and dispatch control systems.
  10. In June 2014 the International Trade Centre housed a solemn awarding ceremony for winners and laureates of the Gold Mercury National Entrepreneurship Award established by Trade and Industry Chamber of Russia. SENSOR RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION, CJSC was the winner in category “Best small innovative business in 2013”. In December 2014 company’s products once again were praised at 100 Best Products of Russia competition.

Major past and present projects our company had/has been involved into:

development of hardware and software for a new-generation automated system of entralized management and public notification as part of automated unified emergency operation control duty management system for a constituent region of the Russian Federation under scientific and engineering supervision of All-Russian Research Institute for Civil Defense and Emergency Situations of EMERCOM of Russia

project “Automated system of centralized notification to the public, companies and governmental institutions of the Republic of Belarus as part of national emergency prevention and elimination system”

project “System of public alert on emergency in crowded areas of Minsk”

customized development of communication channel recorders according to specifications for the Unified Operation Control Duty Desks of Russian constituent regions, Operational Investigation Headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, energy companies, Belarusian Railways, "Ohrana" departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus, ambulance services of Belarus and others

development of automated radio control system for BelGIE and many others

Sensor-M company together with Sensor Research and Production Association (Yaroslavl’) and Eles (St. Petersburg) form a union for creation of hardware and software for centralized management and public notification (AAS) and for AAS-based engineering design.