ASN Duty Officer Notification Alert System

1.6 ASN Duty Officer Notification Alert System

Duty officer address system is a part of ASN hardware and software package and is intended to address to duty officers against possible manual receipt confirmation. The system is used in Local Address Systems (LAS) utilized for Civil Defense, Alert and Evacuation Management Systems (AEMS), as part of processing facilities at companies involved in hazardous activities, etc.

Basic features and specifications:

  • Hardware signal receiver or software implementation thereof to be installed on a PC
  • Various data link channels available for notification: Ethernet, dedicated or switched subscriber lines, VF channels, analog or digital-analog radio stations
  • Integrated UPS

Automated voice and SMS notification system for GSM is intended to automatically deliver various data to selected addressees by GSM phone with receipt confirmation log book and SMS facilities provided. Possible applications include notification of CRM or PCS event, forthcoming sales and specials, account balance, credit repayment status, appointments, advertising, telemarketing, forthcoming events, etc.

Specific features:

All-automatic creation (synthesis) of voice messages with imported data (name, amount, date, advertising message and so on) from databases recorded with a microphone

  • CRM-integration
  • Compatibility with ATE of any type (analog, digital, VoIP, SIP, GSM)
  • Enhanced link reliability due to remote directional antenna
  • SMS and E-mail software module
  • Automatic scheduled notification
  • Personal voice message to each subscriber
  • Unlimited number of preset notification scenarios

Detailed report and logging of notification results per subscriber in a spreadsheet (Notification Report)

  • Available record of subscriber’s voice response
  • Preset number of recall attempts in case of delivery failure
  • Real-time notification monitoring

High-performance hardware platform allows handling up to 56 telephone lines on a single PC

Expanded functionality with versatile accommodation and customization to customer’s specifications. Telephone lines are exploited during notification process only. Supported are one or more standard fixed phones, e.g. DECT, in GSM network. Unauthorized use of GSM communication by operators may be banned (software ban of outgoing calls).

The system includes: compact desktop ASN unit / cabinet-plug-in ASN unit, power source, directional antenna with cabling, software.

Automated address system:

  • Number of GSM channels (X) - 1;
  • Outline (Z)-  industrial 19” 1,2,3U (P), compact portable (V), PC-plug-in unit (B);
  • PC interface (I) - USB, Ethernet, PCI;
  • Power supply - by USB or 230V.