ASN for Underground Application

1.4 ASN for Underground Application

The ASN expands LAS functionality with alarm and voice annunciation, thus, improves LAS reliability due to advanced hardware and communication channel backup. Each of the following options support either standard or explosion proof horns.

Nowadays arrangement and reliable operation of LASs at potentially hazardous sites is in focus due to the fact that most emergencies, whether local or transnational, are man-made. Moreover, natural disasters often provoke anthropogenic emergencies.


According to applicable regulations, in case of potential emergency a local address system at a Potentially Hazardous Site (PHS LAS) shall:

  • alert potentially hazardous site staff to the danger to their lives and health, inform about safety measures and order of actions in current conditions;
  • alert residents of area subject to potential hazardous chemical contamination to the danger to their lives and health, information about safety measures and order of actions in current conditions;
  • alert PHS management, administration and staff of the National Emergency Prevention and Elimination System (NEPES), regional operation control duty and instant readiness teams of cities, companies and institutions that are subject to potential contamination, to emergency / potential emergency;
  • be a part of city (regional) automated centralized alert system (ACAS).
  • PHS LAS shall be an integrated system, i.e. ensure starting the entire system from LAS control station (CS) at PHS dispatcher’s work station.
  • PHS LAS shall be an automated system, i.e. shall ensure:
  • automatic operation of the entire system, including notification monitoring;
  • automatic LAS starting with a trigger signal by city ACAS.

Operation principle

Notification scenario includes:

  • subscriber list to be addressed and voice message number to be delivered,
  • horn list to be actuated and operation mode thereof,
  • DBA list to be intercepted (triggered), operation mode thereof and voice message number to be delivered.

Notification scenarios shall be configured by the user through the control PC.

All control station hardware is controlled with the same software.

The control station automatically receives data on notification/test results, including:

  • notification result per addressee,
  • horn actuation result,
  • result of combined electric alarm and voice annunciation system actuation.

Address system hardware is active 24h and is always ready to deliver signals and/or messages. It ensures automatic remote actuation of terminating equipment.