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Automated System of the Notification (ASN) for senior officer and staff

1.2 Automated System of the Notification (ASN) for Senior Officer and Staff

  • The system is intended to automatically notify seniors and staff by internal, city, intercity, cellular and other telephone communication networks.
  • The system includes: a PC, software, ASN unit / module (available for 2 to 56 telephone lines).
  • ASN address system ensures pulse and VF notification by switched channels of internal or municipal ATE with access to intercity network. The system intercepts telephone channels for the time of notification.
  • Preset notification scenario includes a subscriber list and a prerecorded voice message. Real-time preparation of notification scenario is available, as well.

Subscriber’s receipt may be confirmed with:

  • audio record of response, or
  • personal password typed at phone keypad.

Functionality of new generation ASN.

  1. Personal message for each subscriber stating his personal data from respective corporate databases serving as background for selective subscriber lists and personal voice messages to be delivered to each one.
  2. Voice recording of subscriber’s response to ensure complete reliability and verifiability of notification results per subscriber.
  3. Selected subscribers may confirm message receipt with personal passwords typed at phone keypad in VF mode.
  4. Software module for SMS notification is available. Messages are then set to selected subscribers along with call address.
  5. Correct handling of subscribers who use automatic number identifiers.
  6. Remote control from another PC through data-link is available.