Bidirectional Industrial Communication Complex (BICC) is intended to ensure loud address and communication between managers and workers at railway stations, warehouse depots and industrial facilities.

BICC allows:

  • Transmitting loud address from any manager (station duty officer, announcer, security dispatcher, etc.) by loud address feeder lines;
  • Transmitting manager’s loud address either independently by each feeder line or by all lines simultaneously or by any combination thereof;
  • Selective or broadcast communication between station managers;
  • Announcement volume control at manager’s board per service zones according to day time;
  • Prevailing of a selected station manager over loud communication of the others;
  • Limiting certain address areas for each control board band according to process flow;
  • Calling in selected manager’s voice and loud announcement within the proper service zone when using Simplified Intercommunication Sets (SIS) or similar devices;
  • Remote switching of a junction depot Manager’s Digital Board (MDB);
  • Automatic switching of a feeder line to auxiliary amplifier in case of failure of the main one;
  • Self-testing of basic performance specifications and real-time tracing failed units within a Multipurpose Cable Rack (MCR) followed by a respective report to MDB;
  • Remote feeding DMC with 48VDC with Power over Ethernet technology;
  • Operation under public address system control when so required for civil defense and EMERCOM;
  • Loud addressing to a group of feeders by a built-in voice annunciator (option).


  • Use of advanced network technology
  • Versatile software reconfiguring of the Complex
  • Wide scalability options
  • Ethernet connection of manager’s boards ensures unlimited rangeability
  • Centralized management of several depots with junction depot manager’s board
  • Log book to record all Complex operations and self-test results for rack- and floor-mounted units (periodic reports from floor-mounted units, identification of floor-mounted unit numbers in communication)
  • Remote monitoring of rack hardware status and serviceability, log book review and analysis from remote work stations by those responsible for uninterrupted Complex operation
  • Loud and VF modes to allow tuned communication with a duty officer at night (through loudspeakers built in respective control boards)
  • Automatic backup of broadcast distributed amplifiers
  • Easy integration into current infrastructure
  • High reliability due to industrial-standard components
  • Customs Union certificates within the United Economic Space (EAC) for System components
  • Quality proven with ISO 9001
  • Successful trial at minor and major depots of Regional Semaphore and Communication Division supervised by Belarusian Railways administration. The System is approved for design institutions to be implemented in newly built and upgraded depots


Service communication (BICC) upgrade at: Belarusian railways stations, Minsk city Underground, Russian railways company and stations.