Safe City Hardware and software package (HSP) is an Assembly of Automatic Control Systems (AACS) of current and prospective federal, regional, municipal and site automated systems on the local level, combined in order to face challenges related to public and land protection against natural and industrial disasters, to public security, to order and environment protection, as well as interfaced automatic systems within united regional info communication infrastructure.

Main goals of Safe City project:

  • To improve public and personal security
  • To ensure detection of emergency symptoms or indicators in due time
  • To protect public against natural and industrial disasters
  • To reduce criminal activity
  • To improve administration readiness to perform their duties
  • To improve effectiveness of emergency, accident and delinquency monitoring and prevention systems
  • To prevent emergencies, fires, delinquency, personal injury and death
  • To maximize social and economic effects

Tasks of Safe City system:

  • To ensure public and personal security
  • To prevent criminal phenomena and terrorist activity
  • To obtain fair evaluation of current conditions during response and public events
  • To ensure road traffic safety
  • To ensure safety of transport means and infrastructure
  • To ensure safety of residential buildings, natural and industrial sites subject to higher risk
  • To ensure safety of municipal facilities and services (including utility facilities)
  • To manage resources and capacities in efficient manner
  • To monitor potentially hazardous infrastructure, ecological, chemical and radiation environment and emergencies
  • To monitor performance of public security services