Question 1:

We have been exploiting complex HSC "ASO", the software version is probably outdated. As we update the version of the software?


Make sure the menu "Help-> About System Alert" software that version (or the date of development) below the date and to request an update in the "Hot Line Support" section or send an e-mail: tech @ sensor-m. com

Question 2:

We need to create a warning system. Who can I contact?


You should send a request to the technical and commercial proposal on e-mail: info@sensor-m.com or contact the Department of system projects by phone: + 375 (17) 205 4812.

Question 3:

The device AFR-N-3M (USB) notifies subscribers over telephone lines to fixed and mobile numbers. The notification protocol results differ from actual results notification. Because of what is there?


Perhaps you want to reconfigure the parameters of the control unit "ASN". To issue recommendations on changing parameters, configure additional functionality for recording soundtracks notification according to instruction manual for the software "MANUAL" ON GSO "72870439.425530.001 I3" or "SOFTWARE OF AUTOMATED SYSTEM ALERT. GUIDE POLZOVATELYABY.SNRM.80001.34" supplied . After another warning send those phonograms subscribers Alert on e-mail: tech@sensor-m.com, whose status in the record is different from the real picture.

Question 4:

Is it possible to not only notify subscribers over telephone lines, but in the GSM network by sending a SMS or dial from one mobile device to another?


Yes, there is such a possibility. To alert subscribers to GSM networks used in our complex single channel device ASO 1-3M- (P or B) -P (USB) device or multichannel ASO-X-P-6M (USB), wherein X - the number of channels. Each channel devices may be configured either on the voice notification information, either through SMS, but not both, i.e. if necessary, and voice notification and through SMS, you need at least two single-channel device.

Question 5:

After installing the software "GEO" and its settings when you reboot the PC, a window with the error situations binding. What is this error and how to configure the software so that this window will no longer appear?


This service window in the absence of the program setting device registration srabotok alarm. If such a device you have, you should hold the appropriate settings for it in the "Register srabotok alarm." If such a device is not present in your system, it is necessary to rearrange the software "GEO" and in selective mode, not to the installation of the subsystem "Registration srabotok alarm."

Question 6:

ON "GSO" does not save and restore the configuration database. How can I fix this?


When you save a database GSO need to specify the local path to the directory in which there is write access for the service "MS SQL Server" (for NTFS partitions). If necessary, use an arbitrary directory, you must set up access service "MS SQL Server" in this directory can SQl Server Service properties on the tab "Login" put "Local System account", restart the service, and try to re-save or restore D base .



Question 7:

After changing the network name no longer run PC applications to launch warning, but "GEO Settings" at the same time continue to work. How can I fix this?


It is in the properties of the shortcut to launch the cell path to the object instead of the old name, specify a new PC or IP-address of the PC. In the properties of the label "Settings GSO" there is no such item, so it works.

Question 8:

There UZS2 device (UZS3) with a network adapter on the SRE PTSTD. How do I change it the network settings?


It is necessary to use the utility "PTSTD Configurator", which is accompanied by an official ROM with software. In addition to the network settings should not forget to include a PC with the software "GEO", which will launch a device to alert the white list. More information is in the "instruction on the software to customize and configure the device with SRE PTSTDSNRM.468354.004 IM", which is the complete device.

Question 9:

It has long been use for alerts "ASN" device management for LPT. He broke down the control PC, and LPT-port in the new PC rarer. Is there a similar device with control over USB?


Yes, there is a modern improved analogue of your ASN-controlled USB - ASO-X-3M-Z (USB), where the X-number of channels, Z-type housing. For a description and cost of the new device should contact the company by phone at the Division of system projects, or by e-mail: info@sensor-m.com.

Question 10:

I connect and configure the device to send SMS ASN-1-3m-B (USB) according to the instructions, but the alert does not start. Why is this happening?


To turn on SMS sending functionality must be connected to a PC hasp-key. With the bundled disc, you must install the driver for this key and then try to re-launch notification.

Question 11:

After you upgrade the Windows operating system no longer generate reports - the headline is, and the body is empty. How to fix it?


in older versions of the software "GEO" was dependent on the version of IE reports in the new version there is no such dependence, so you should make a request to update the software version of "GEO" on e-mail: tech@sensor-m.com and after obtaining - update according to the instructions.