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GSM Communication Recorder, Fixed Phone Adapter for GSM Networks

2.9 GSM Communication Recorder, Fixed Phone Adapter for GSM Networks

The unit ensures:

  • Operation of a standard fixed phone, e.g. portable DECT phone) in GSM network
  • Recording communications of the relevant GSM channel on a PC, logging party numbers

Brief description.

Single-channel recorder Omega SB -1 (USB) is a compact device compatible with any standard tone-dialing telephone set, whether wireless or not. The device allows incoming and outgoing calls in GSM network. A directional antenna improves link reliability in location. The recorder includes a GSM module (certified in Belarus) and may be taken away from the phone set as required. The unit is connected to the phone set through a standard telephone cable and to a PC through USB. Omega recording system is powered by 230V mains

The system is intended for duty and dispatch desks that use GSM phones as public interaction channel. Automatically registered are: date, time, call duration, incoming / outgoing number, missed calls, waiting time, etc.

The system ensures uninterrupted operation 24h (protection against faults and failures, automatic deletion of records upon expiration of the set storage time), protection against unauthorized access.

Record playback includes: forward and back wind, pause, stop, cycle mode, volume adjustment, fragment selection. Records may be played back with no interruption of current recording. Records that are currently being made may be played back, as well. Easy and fast record search. Files may be re-recorded or converted into various formats.

Each channel may be independently configured for any communication channel or other signal source, data storage term, etc.

A software base is available to identify caller’s address with a phone number.

The system allows:

  • to record all operator’s communication by GSM;
  • to improve comfort: miniature cellular phones and keys may impede operator’s work;
  • to enhance link reliability with a remote directional antenna;
  • to prevent unauthorized use of GSM communication by operators (software ban of outgoing calls);
  • to avoid harm to operator by radio radiation.

The system includes:

  • Omega SB -1(USB) recorder with SIM receiver. Available are 19"-rack-mounted multichannel models Omega СЗ SB 1B(USB)
  • Remote directional antenna, cabling to connect a PC and a phone set
  • Omega SB-1 software (recording of communication channels, number identification)
  • PC, phone set (option)

Basic communication recording functions.

Communication recording and record database management functions are provided by Omega SB-1 software. Various Omega SB-1 hardware connected to the same PC is controlled with the same Omega SB-1 software and has the same interfaces for total number of channels.

Remote connection to the recording system ensures:

  • Remote control over the recording system
  • Automatic monitoring of remote recording systems
  • Configuration of remote recording systems
  • Real-time record playback

Omega SB-1 may interoperate with automated address systems by Sensor-M.