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Horn loudspeakers

SENSOR horn loudspeakers:

 – 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W, (aperture 90°, 120°)

SENSOR HL horn loudspeakers are intended to transmit voice, audio, etc. from various sound sources.

Specific features:

  • High electric power (50W, 100W, 150W, 200W) and, respectively, big range
  • Wider aperture (120°) ensures surround coverage with just 3 horns (instead of four 90° horns) and lower power consumption of amplifier
  • Available 24h broadcasting at maximum capacity
  • High reliability due to improved electrical load resistance
  • Good durability due to environment-resistant materials

Both outdoor and indoor (facilities, rooms) installation is admissible. According to configuration, the devices support connection to distribution amplifiers featuring output voltage equal to 30V, 100V, 120V (basic version, others are optional). Transformerless version for 30V is available, as well (complete with certain distribution amplifiers by own make).

Technical specifications:

  • Max. power (XXX) - 50/100/150/200 W
  • Max. sound pressure - 131/134/135/138 dB
  • Rated voltage - 30/100/120 V (basic)
  • Sensitivity (sound pressure per 1W,1m,1kHz)- 114 dB
  • Frequency range (up to -14dB level) - 270-3900 Hz
  • Overall dimensions (aperture 90°) - 520*280*450 mm
  • Overall dimensions (aperture 120°) - 520*225*560 mm
  • Weight - 5 to 8 kg (depending on make)
  • Temperature range - from -50° to +50°