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Integration of Website, Call Centre and Recording System

2.8 Integration of Website, Call Centre and Recording System

The option allows site visitors to address a Call Centre in the easiest and cheapest way –with just a click in a Flash application. A current Call Centre is integrated with the Flash application on the website and the call is handled by operators with all functions. Omega-xxx system records the communication. Customer’s identification data and communication record are stored in a single database.

Customer’s work station specifications:

  • No additional software or services are required
  • A headset or a microphone with earphones are required

Advantages for a customer:

  • A call may be effected anytime
  • Free call (no extra cost beyond traffic)
  • A call is handled by Call Centre operator similar to mobile or fixed phone call
  • All Call Centre functions are available to the caller

Advantages for site (Call Centre) owner:

  • Easy communication attracts more customers
  • Customers have no worries about call cost, no doubts about whether to call or not – they just click a button and get connected to a Call Centre operator
  • Customers may be provided with comprehensive facilities
  • Direct callers from the site are identified similar to those addressing by phone, though from an IP-address, not a phone number
  • Omega-xxx recording system gets all the data about the call and records communication similar to regular phone call