Interception TV signal device (ITVS) PDA

4.1 Interception TV signal device (ITVS) PDA

ITVS is intended to intercept video and radio broadcast by received signals in order to further deliver urgent address to the public as pre-recorded video (or real-time audio portion in parallel with a pre-recorded standard video portion). The device is capable of controlling its operability and serviceability of communication channels involved. Current video broadcast is interrupted and exchanged with an intended message by a special matrix switcher of composite video and asymmetric stereo audio signals (e.g. 4-channel switcher KM-440VS) controlled by alarm trigger through ITVS is an integral component of AAS hardware and software package and is intended for use in LAS, ACAS, for civil defense and in emergency purposes, as well as at hazardous industrial facilities and other sites.

The device includes a hard disc containing functional software and pre-recorded messages delivered during notification. Message number (1 to 9999) is transmitted to the device from LAS / ACAS control PC with installed GLOBAL ADDRESS SYSTEM software. In case of abnormal alert an audio message shall be delivered real-time by control PC link, while displayed shall be the standard video portion pre-recorded for real-time alerts.

ITVS is controlled by LAS, ACAS, RACAS control PC with installed GLOBAL ADDRESS SYSTEM software by data network with 10/100 BaseT terminating equipment interface – Ethernet link.

ITVS plays messages back through video/audio interface featuring:

  • Audio path frequency range: not worse that 100…6300 Hz
  • Audio signal level – 0.775V (0dB)
  • Video output standard – composite video signal, PAL/SECAM system, signal level 1V (reference white)
  • Video output resolution: according to PAL/SECAM systems