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Multichannel Automatic Call Receipt System (Hotline, Answering Machine) Based On Omega MD

2.2 Multichannel Automatic Call Receipt System (Hotline, Answering Machine) Based On Omega MD.


Various institutions need to have hotlines that allow public to present somehow significant information anonymously. Direct phone communication with an employee would reduce the amount of such calls by psychological reason, while 24h operation would require even more staff.

Automatic answering machines are not convenient in such a case as far as implies manual further call handling and data basing.

Multichannel automatic call receipt system based on Omega SB-1 is intended to automate such a service.

The system allows:

  • Automatic delivery of a message containing service (company) name and a request for caller’s report
  • Recording caller’s report on a PC
  • Automatic convenient databasing of call records
  • To record measures related to the record database and to handle the recor

The system includes: PC, software, Omega SB-1 recorder (with required channel capacity), Omega SB-1\АI (unit integratable into Omega SB-1 recorder) with required channel capacity.

System operation.

All audio records are stored on PC hard disc. Software interface divides record databases by phone numbers and store them in time order stating date, time, duration, caller’s phone number and a field for manual remark to the record (report status, relevant taken measures). Audio records are easy traceable. Record database may be sorted by any attribute: channel, date, time, number, attribute, etc. Phonoscopic examination requirements are met.

Audio records are stored within the set storage term, then are automatically deleted, thus, requiring no manual intervention. Selected audio records are marked as non-erasable. The database indefinitely stores information about records deleted automatically upon expiration of the set storage term: record time and date, phone number, remark to the record.

The system allows real-time playback of any portion of a record being made. The software ensures record-specific playback subsystem interoperation with a word processor that allows report book-keeping and further exporting text data relevant to the record to other digital documents.

Record playback includes: forward and back wind, pause, stop, cycle mode, volume adjustment, fragment selection.

Record databases, records, system configuration are remotely accessible from other PCs. Records may be converted into other digital audio formats or re-recorded on varied carriers.

Software security subsystem allows the administrator to assign access passwords to playback (including separately by channels), to record database, to system configuration. A dedicated non-erasable digital log book records all system activity: by whom and when is accessed, what is played back, what is deleted, etc.

Number identification function may be disabled in order to ensure anonymity.