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Omega SB-1 To Record Customer Communication with Receptionists

2.5 Omega SB-1 To Record Customer Communication with Receptionists

  • Allows receptionists to verify data with the record
  • Allows to promptly verify claims with receptionists against the record (up to 70% claims are recognized groundless)
  • Reduces time spent for reception due to no need for manual recording
  • Improves attitude to service culture, etc.

Multichannel communication recording systems for customer service departments.

The systems are intended to record employee-to-customer communication, to be used in customer service departments, public reception services, booking offices, banks, utility providers, electrical communications providers, gas facilities, pension funds, executive authorities, various institutions, ministries and agencies.

  • The system records communications with customers, public at reception (through microphones), telephone orders, public address phone communications.
  • The system allows receptionists to verify reports (queries, claims) against records.
  • The system allows to promptly verify complaints of incorrect booking or tactless treatment with records.
  • The system improves attitude to service culture.
  • Practice proves up to 70% claims groundless.

The system includes:

Option 1. Omega SB-1 recording system (capable of serving required number of channels), PC, bidirectional microphones, telephone and microphone cables. Cables shall be mounted in ornamental ducts; microphones shall be mounted in work table top. The recording system and a PC shall be installed in a separate room (e.g. at service manager’s).

Figure 1 layout.

Option 2. Dual-channel recording systems are installed on working PCs connected to LAN. Employee-to-customer and employee-to-employee (of another entity) communication is recorded through employee’s microphone and working phone and saved on a PC. Record database and system performance may be accessed and controlled from administrator’s PC remotely.

Figure 2 layout.