Omega multichannel recording system is intended to record voice and service (call parameters) data (talks, messages, speeches, etc.) from any audio source – analog and digital telephone lines of municipal and corporate ATEs, microphones, line audio equipment and radio station outputs.

Intended use and application

  • Recording all input and output data
  • Reliable phone number identification
  • Recording important talks, meetings, speeches
  • Recording dispatchers’ talks
  • Evaluation of employee’s performance in abnormal conditions
  • Prompt tracing of secret leaks
  • Identification of disloyal employees
  • Evaluation of past telephone talks

Application fields

  • Special dispatch desks Fire Department, Police Department, Ambulance
  • Operational and on-duty departments of law-enforcement agencies
  • Emergency Ministry departments and services in Belarus and Russia
  • MoD departments and agencies
  • Departments of internal affairs
  • Emergency and dispatching services
  • Security companies and board security departments
  • Corporate security services
  • Courts
  • Omega systems are used in more than 500 towns and over 3000 AASs LAS were implemented within 21 years.

Single-band recorder Omega SB–1–В(USB)

This device is intended to monitor single GSM-band and record data received from such band on PC hard disc. The device is designed in compact casing (L×W×H = 165×125×45 mm) and is USB-connected.