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PDA (Power Distribution Amplifier) - Alarm Trigger System

3.3. PDA (Power Distribution Amplifier) -   Alarm Trigger System

PDA alarm trigger system is intended to broadcast “COMMON ALARM!” signal and voice messages at hazardous production facilities, in settlements and public gathering areas. The device delivers a message from communication channels or record deck to VF channel and may generate electronic alarm signal and enabling/disabling signals for remotely controlled horn loudspeakers.

The unit is a part of ASN hardware and software package and is intended for application in LAS, ACAS and emergency public alert systems, for civil defense and in emergency.

The device is controlled from LAS, ACAS control station with installed “GLOBAL ADDRESS SYSTEM” software package by LAN with 10/100 Base T terminating equipment interface – Ethernet link.

OPDA unit is intended to operate in transmission mode within at least 10 min or not less than 3 typical cycles followed by min. 1h redundancy (with fully charged battery).

Typical alert cycle:

  • 2 min 45 sec (165 sec) – imitated “COMMON ALARM!” signal
  • Repeated voice message within 2 min 15 sec (135 sec)
  • Pause within 2 min 30 sec (150 sec)

Duration of transmission and number of cycles are defined by thermal conditions of the device.

The unit shall be mounted on supports and may operate on a single radio feeder. Max. total power of horns – 500W.

Electric alarms are triggered by switched dedicated interceptable telephone lines, radio channels, in VPN networks with OPDA.

People in public gathering areas are addressed by switched or dedicated telephone lines, radio channels, in VPN networks with PDA.

Functional Capabilities:

OPDA device ensures distribution amplifier power unit actuation for notification session, as well as integral protection against overconsumption with disabling load.

The device is fitted with integrated record deck with MMC/SD memory card in order to avoid adverse effects of exploited communication channels on operation quality (quality of sound in particular). The memory card may store audible messages. A record deck message to be delivered may be selected or an audible message from communication channel may be relayed remotely at control stations. Message number (1 to 4095) shall be transmitted from a PC by communication channel real-time.

In order to allow impartial control in operation the device may log intrinsic events in internal nonvolatile memory provided with real-time clock circuit. The unit implies connection of fire and security alarm sensors in order to notify control PC operating staff on potentially unauthorized access to the hardware and other unwanted events. Event log contains 1024 records timed to real-time clock subject to analysis for control over operation, emergencies, correct maintenance of alarm triggers. Integrated software of the unit has no entries to change the event log through any external interface.

OPDA Outdoor Radio Broadcast Distribution Amplifier Featuring Control Unit and UPS

Climatic version (-60…+60 °C). Wall- and post-mounted. Combined power supply by a battery charged by 220V mains. Output frequency range – 100 to 6300 Hz (optional 50-10000 Hz). Connected feeder is controlled for overload, break, short circuit. 8-channel equalizer. Automatic gain control. Tamper switch. External alarm sensor supported. Standard record storage unit, PC-control unit.

SENSOR horn loudspeakers – 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W (aperture 90°, 120°)

SENSOR ГРXXX.YY/ZZ horn loudspeakers are intended to transmit voice, audio, etc. from various sound sources.

Specific features:

  • High electric power (50W, 100W, 150W, 200W) and, respectively, big range
  • Wider aperture (120°) ensures surround coverage with just 3 horns (instead of four 90° horns) and lower power consumption of amplifier
  • Available 24h broadcasting at maximum capacity
  • High reliability due to improved electrical load resistance
  • Good durability due to environment-resistant materials

Both outdoor and indoor (facilities, rooms) installation is admissible. According to configuration, the devices support connection to distribution amplifiers featuring output voltage equal to 30V, 100V, 120V (basic version, others are optional). Transformerless version for 30V is available, as well (complete with certain distribution amplifiers by own make).

  • Max. power (XXX) - 50/100/150/200 W
  • Max. sound pressure - 131/134/135/138 dB
  • Rated voltage - 30/100/120 V (basic)
  • Sensitivity (sound pressure per 1W,1m,1kHz) - 114 dB
  • Frequency range (up to -14dB level) - 270-3900 Hz
  • Overall dimensions (aperture 90°) - 520*280*450 mm
  • Overall dimensions (aperture 120°) - 520*225*560 mm
  • Weight - 5 to 8 kg (depending on make)
  • Temperature range   -50° to +50°