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Service maintenance

Service maintenance

Only operational and technical service of alert hardware in timely and due order shall ensure that automated address systems are always ready for work. Our employees may perform high-quality service of centralized address systems of various levels of complexity.

Operational and technical service includes works on operability maintenance and restoration of alert hardware, namely:

  • technical maintenance,
  • routine maintenance,
  • maintenance and service planning and recording,
  • hardware upgrade.

Principal tasks of alert hardware service are:

  • to set electric specifications of alert hardware other than specified,
  • to trace and correct faults through routine maintenance,
  • to adjust alert hardware performance as per specifications,
  • to evaluate fault reasons,
  • to extend alert hardware service life,
  • to schedule maintenance.

Operability evaluation of alert hardware includes its intended usability assessment through built-in tests and control instruments following pre-operation procedure as stipulated by operation manual.

Hardware is subject to service:

  • within its warranty term,
  • under service agreement,
  • on request (if case of failure).

For details on address system service, please, contact our office or contact form to the left and we will call you back soon.