The SENSOR Mapping System – Civil Disaster Warning System (CDWS) 

The SENSOR Mapping System (CDWS) may be deployed either at a dedicated work station or at a server shared with  CDWS core. Several work stations may be connected to the same server with CDWS core.

CDWS module allows operating a map in varied scale. Objects, TMDs and TWDs have perceptible images in any map scale.

CDWS module displays TMDs and TWDs on a map along with statuses thereof in pictorial representation (coloured illumination). Each type of objects lies in a separate map layer (see Figure 1.1).

There are following map layers:

  • TWD (alarm triggers) – a layer containing terminating warning devices: alarm horns , horn loudspeakers 
  • TMD (sensors) – a layer containing terminating monitoring devices 
  • TWD (alarm triggers) range – terminating warning device audial coverage (see Figure 1.2)
  • Coverage – emergency-affected zones, address zones relevant to alert conditions

Press  icon in the right top corner of the map in order to enter the layer management interface. With a layer hidden and displayed further on the context with elements to be displayed remains.

The CDWS module allows enabling/disabling Active Address Zones display mode. The mode is intended to display only address zones related to enabled address event (see “Live Data” in section 1.1). Other address zones are hidden.

The CDWS module allows enabling/disabling Active Audio Coverage Zones display mode. The mode is intended to display only zones covered by terminating warning devices to be triggered in enabled address event (see “Live Data” in section 1.1). Other audio coverage zones are hidden.


1.1 Layer management interface

Furthermore, the layer management interface provides possibility to switch over between local (Offline) server map (mapping background) and Internet online server – OpenStreetMap.

The CDWS module displays address and monitoring sites on the map stating their statuses visually – lighted audio coverage zones (for TWDs) (see Figure 1.2) or address condition zone (Figures 1.3 and 1.4).

Figure 1.2 – Alarm (circle) and loudspeaker (lobe) audio coverage zones

Figure 1.3 – Sensor (TMD) with displayed address zone relevant to address event

Statuses of map objects are indicated with colour marks. Click   icon on map right to show colour mark hints.

TWDs and their zones may have the following colour designations:

  • Green – successful address (or not subject to address)
  • Orange – failed address
  • Red – equipment failure, address is not available
  • Blue – address attempt in progress

Address event zones have the following colour designations:

  • Blue – address event disabled
  • Amber – address event enabled

Disable Active Audio Coverage Zones mode in order to display random TWD audio coverage zone. Click an object with the right mouse button and select “Show zone” from the drop list. Displayed audio coverage zone may be hidden likewise clicking “Hide zone” in the same drop list.

The CDWS module allows switching to a table view in “Monitoring and display” section while selecting TWDs and TMDs on the map. Right-click an object and select “Table view” form the drop list. Similarly, right-click a TWD/TMD object in the table and select “Map view” to return from the table to the map. The object shall be extremely zoomed according to CDWS module settings.

Figure 1.4 – Address zone relevant to address event

Figure 1.5